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Krishna Mistry just won this Apple iPad Mini (Retail price: $299.00) for just $8.54!
It could have been YOURS for $8.55!
*Plus cost of bids, if any.
FEATURE AUCTION Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 $49.84 SAVE 75%! BID NOW!
FEATURE AUCTION Apple iPad Air (silver) $0.01 upcoming
FEATURE AUCTION TCredits - 500 pack $0.01 upcoming
CHOICE AUCTION Strathwood Recliner + 100 TCredits $0.01 upcoming
X-TRA AUCTION TCredits - 500 pack $0.01 upcoming
X-TRA 2 AUCTION TCredits - 300 pack $0.01 upcoming
FEATURE AUCTION Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace (unlocked) $0.01 upcoming
SILVER & GOLD AUCTION Chinese Gold Panda 1/20th Ounce $0.01 upcoming
CHOICE AUCTION TCredits - 300 pack $0.01 upcoming
X-TRA 2 AUCTION TCredits - 300 pack $0.01 upcoming

What Is It?

Pricebenders™ Auctions deliver brand new, brand name merchandise, gift cards, and more at prices that are far below typical retail. In fact, prices start at just $.01 (yes, just one cent!). With each bid received, the price increases by just one cent. The final bidder may then buy the item for the ending price (usually a fraction of the normal retail price). Check out our latest winners and the incredible deals being won HERE.

TripleClicks "TCredits" are used for bidding. TCredits are available in paks of 1, 10, 20, 50, and 200...and for as little as $.29 each. Once you've got your TCredits, you're ready to start bidding. Be the final bidder and you win the item. It's that simple!

And with Pricebenders™, even when you don't win the auction, you still win!...because for every bid, you earn 5 Member Rewards Points (MRP). MRPs can be redeemed on tens of thousands of great products at

Auction Schedule

Start Time* In** Description Notes
Mon, 8 AM 00:02 Apple iPad Air (silver)
Mon, 8 AM 00:02 TCredits - 500 pack NAB
Mon, 8:30 AM 00:32 Strathwood Recliner + 100 TCredits NAB
Mon, 9 AM 01:02 TCredits - 500 pack Jr
Mon, 9:30 AM 01:32 TCredits - 300 pack Big Dog
Mon, 10 AM 02:02 Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace (unlocked) NAB
Mon, 10:30 AM 02:32 Chinese Gold Panda 1/20th Ounce DP
Mon, 10:30 AM 02:32 TCredits - 300 pack
Mon, 11:30 AM 03:32 TCredits - 300 pack Jr
Mon, 12:30 PM 04:32 $50 Gift Card + 50 TCredits WBF
Start Time* In** Description Notes
Mon, 1 PM 05:02 TCredits - 300 pack
Mon, 1 PM 05:02 Grace Digital Wi-Fi Internet Radio NAB
Mon, 1:30 PM 05:32 TCredits - 500 pack
Mon, 1:30 PM 05:32 Silver76Pack--Silver Bar + 75 TCredits 1WA
Mon, 2:30 PM 06:32 TCredits - 300 pack Jr
Mon, 3 PM 07:02 TCredits - 300 pack Jr
Mon, 3:30 PM 07:32 TCredits - 300 pack
Mon, 4 PM 08:02 Fujifilm FinePix AX655 16MP Camera
Mon, 4:30 PM 08:32 Silver American Eagle Coin w/Box DP
Mon, 5 PM 09:02 TCredits - 300 pack Jr
Feature Auction Choice Auction X-tra Auction X-tra 2 Auction Silver & Gold Auction

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1WA = Auction is open only to bidders who have never won a Pricebenders auction before
WBF = Winning bidder will receive all of his/her bids back upon completion of this auction
New = First time this item is being auctioned
Last = Last chance to win this item; no additional auctions of this item are planned
DP = Double MRP (Member Rewards Points)
NAB = No auto-bidder auction
Jr = Junior auction, limited to members with 9 wins or less
U = No limit auction, no limit on wins

* If the previous auction has not yet finished, and it appears it will continue beyond the next auction's scheduled start time, we will bump the new auction's start time by 30 to 60 minutes.

**To view the most up-to-date start time for the next auction, refresh your browser.